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safest quantum ledger to backup your digital assets and funds for the global event and blackout coming soon!

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All patriots are recommended to backup their digital assets and funds for the global event and blackout coming soon!

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Manage your risks and maximize your profits even with small investments trade anywhere you want. On any device and without downloading software.

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About Qfsgloballedger

Qfs is digital assets backup firm located in United States,We have created a state of the art secure asset backup and trading system coupled by professional analysts and developers in the crypto world with over 5 years of experience in blockchain technology and trading in both the stock market as well as ICO and forex leaps. helping our customers and users protect their assets from the upcoming global crash.

Cloud Based

Cloud security and storage

We offer our customers top notch security for their assets, using top-notch state-of-the-art cloud based storage and security to store and protect customers assets and data.

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Decentralized Protocols

Strict Access

Take full control of your assets and funds in a decentralised system with a one way access, ensuring only you have access to your assets, not even Qfsgloballedger has access to you funds


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